6 months!

ihyt-photo-George 6 monthsToday my little baby turned 6 months old! Wow! Everyone says that this age goes by so quickly and you know what, they are right. It only feels like yesterday that I was holding George as a little 8 pound 6oz baby in my arms for the very first time and thinking ‘how the h&ll are we going to look after this kid’?

IMG_2273As overwhelmed as i was at first i absolutely love motherhood. I love seeing my baby grow into a happy little infant. I love seeing him exploring his world (i.e. putting everything in his mouth) and hearing him laugh hysterically at some lame attempt to make him laugh.

But i won’t lie. Being a new parent is hard. There is no instruction manual that comes with a baby and over the first couple of months i was feeling pretty overwhelmed by everything. But we are learning, slowly, and thankfully we have more laughs than frowns these days.

IMG_2556 IMG_2452

We are starting to see snippets of his personality now. He is still pretty serious, but he does have a cheeky side and he is very, very determined. He started to do this crazy crawl thing a few weeks ago and now we are just waiting for his first teeth to make an appearance.

IMG_2577 ihyt-photo-George 6 months

But all the tears, spit up and poop have been worth it, it’s been such a joy having him in our lives and we are so happy to have started a little family of our own. Happy 6 months my beautiful boy.

Bear Mountain {Oktoberfest and apple picking}

ihyt-photos-Bear Mountain Oct 2013

Last weekend we hired a car to get out of the city and see the fall foliage. Coincidentally, Oktoberfest and apple picking go hand in hand with this time of year so we thought we’d stop by  Oktoberfest at Bear Mountain for a sausage on our way to pick some apples. Good plan, huh?



Unfortunately we never got to pick apples as the farm literally was closing its gates as we drove up. The good news was the store was still open so we picked up some apple cider donuts and a pumpkin pie…we both come from a long line of sweet lovers here in the Huett household.

Every year it surprises me how beautiful the change of season is in this hemisphere. Really, the Australian autumn is lame in comparison. If you’re interested, here is a post from our first “fall” in the USA.

Kim Kardashian and THAT baby weight

From this,

ihyt-photo-23 Oct 2013

to this,

iyth-photo-23 Oct 2013

in just 3 months!

I shouldn’t care but I do. I was all team Kim Kardashian during her pregnancy. All those nasty people calling her fat when she was just this normal pregnant 30-year-old. I mean, lets face it, Kim is no Gisele Bundchen, she has to work hard for her body (which is ahhmazing!!). But losing 43 pounds in 3 months! I’m disappointed Kim, disappointed that you aren’t normal like the rest of us because you have an army of people to help you – cooks, cleaners and personal trainers –  to lose the baby weight in super fast time without having to worry about getting dinner on the table for Kanye when he walks in the door.

Congratulations Kim Kardashian on the engagement btw. A 15 carat sparkler and one baby North West, you must be one happy lady.

Career in crisis {can a successful career grow from your passions?}


I’m having a bit of a career crisis. This is nothing new, it happens a few times a year, but it’s been exacerbated by return to the workforce after baby George. In my desperate attempt to soul search, i recently wrote a list of things that i love. It was titled “Passions” and as i was writing the list i realized, i like a lot of things! I love food – cooking and eating it, i love a good cup of coffee and a great glass of wine (white, red or Rose – i’m pretty indiscriminate when it comes to wine), i love reading blogs, i love beautiful interiors, i love beautiful clothes, shoes and handbags, i love the beach, i love celebrity gossip – yes this is a bit random and i’m ashamed to admit it but i want to know what Kourtney Kardashian was wearing when she went to lunch with her sisters, i love travelling and i love motherhood – this is only a recent addition to the list but my goodness, what a life changer.

But can we make a successful career out of the things we love? I have grown up with the belief that i can do anything i put my mind to and that money, a.k.a a successful career, will follow. I’ve always believed this philosophy until i watched this interview with the creator of DilbertScott Adams, on his “Secret of success: failure”. He got me thinking, i don’t practice what i preach, and why is that? Is it because deep down maybe i don’t believe or maybe i’m just a little too conservative to take big risks or am i just overwhelmed by the endless possibilities. I’d be interested to hear others stories on whether you are following you passion and have made a successful career out of it.