Why plain fabulous?

Hello everyone

For my first blog I thought I’d tell you a little about myself and why I am doing this? I love nothing more than searching the internet checking out my favourite blogs, discovering what my favourite celebrities are wearing on a daily basis and researching handbags – falling in love with one, ordering it and then having ShopBop tell me it is out of stock.

I love fashion but style is what gets me excited – appreciating a beautiful piece of clothing because of its cut, colour or fabric (or all of the above), and appreciating how an outfit has been put together to create a perfect ensemble which enables the wearer to look confident and beautiful. 

As I get older I’ve gotten to know myself better and what suits me which has enabled me to experiment more with trends. But having fashionable pieces of clothing isnt style. You can have a wardrobe full of clothes but if you can’t put the pieces of clothing together to create that perfect outfit then what’s the point.

Living in Sydney we are so lucky to have a such a wide range of talented designers who provide us with endless clothing choices that encapsulate our lifestyle. Sydney has wonderful beaches and cafes which lends itself to a more casual vibe (thinking sun dresses and denim shorts) but we are also that little bit sophisticated (thinking cocktails by the beach dress with heals) BUT I’m sure the anyone from Melbourne will disagree.

I get so excited when I discover a fabulous new Australian designer and what better forum to share the less well-known australian designers than on my very own blog. And anything else that takes my fancy.

And what better time to start blogging than coming into winter when its cold and very wet outside at the moment means more time to sit inside on my Mac. My first pic is of somewhere else i’d rather be at this time of year.

so there it is, a little about why? plain fabulous until next time…


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