Favourite celebrities, favourite australian designers, favourite online shopping site…so many favourite things so perhaps today I’ll start with my favourite celebrities.

1.Nicole Richie
2.Sienna Miller
3.Olivia Palmero

Number two and three are subject to change on a regular basis but anyone who knows me, knows that my number one always stays the same – Miss Richie – socialite, reality tv star turned fashion designer. What’s not to love about the tiny mother of two gorgeous children (well Harlow’s cute but we havent seen much of Sparrow and their might be a good reason for that)?

Nicole Richie looks good, whether she is going out to dinner with the girls or taking Harlow to ballet class, she looks comfortable and chic. She has the art of casual dressing down to a tee (and she has been known to say more than once that she dresses for comfort first, style second) and when she’s out on the red carpet, she sure knows how to shine but staying true to the looks that she loves – kaftans, anything 70’sish. AND, her jewellery and clothing lines (which she apparently designed everything herself and wouldn’t sell an item of clothing under her brand unless she would wear it) is amazing! Please someone give me her entire jewellery line to play with.

Number two. Sienna Miller. She’s been keeping a low profile since all the bad publicity she received for having that affair with Balthazar Getty or maybe it’s because she’s hooked back up with her ex-fiancee, Jude Law (who does that?). But I’m not interested in her love life. The majority of times i see a pic of her i love what outfit she’s wearing. She’s still rockin her boho roots but with a sophisticated edge.

And finally Olivia Palmero. This girl always looks elegant. She’s always carrying around a beautiful bag or walking in the most wonderful, to die for shoes. How she manages to pull it all off (with a Top Shop tee shirt) I don’t know but she gets five stars from me. One thing is for sure I don’t think we’ll see her swanning around the music festivals in a pair of gum boots and cut off demin shorts (even if they are by Erin Wasson).

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