Whitney Eve Port

Whitney is all leg - lucky her.

I have just started a regular Tuesday night DVD session with my two besties to watch The City and we are all loving Whitney. Whitney comes across as very sweet and down to earth and given her career (and she’s only 25 years old) she must be pretty smart (or maybe she was in the right place at the right time?). She has worked for Teen Vogue and Diane von Fürstenberg, has appeared in The Hills and now The City and can now label herself clothing designer having released her first collection with the help of her current employer, People’s Revolution.

I had always thought that The Hills and The City would be reality TV trash but I have to say I am now addicted (and I think we’ve only watched about six episodes).

I recently came accross this photo of Whitney – apparently she’s only 1.78m -she looks way taller than that with those long legs. Although I’m not always inspired by her outfits, she always looks really interesting (and I mean that in the nicest possible way).


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