Current obsession

I am currently obsessed with nautical stripes. I wish they had become a staple in my wardrobe a long time ago as I would have been wearing them for years. But luckily I am content in the fact that I have now found them and can add them to my wardrobe in excessive quantities.

Stripes have always been a favourite with spring styles as they seem to give an outfit an air of freshness. In 2010 we have seen a real focus on the original French sailor stripe – commonly known as the Breton stripe.

Breton stripe

Whether in a dress, skirt or shirt the “Breton stripe” adds an instant pop to an outfit. I think that they look best when you break up the stripe either by layered underneath something like a cardigan or jacket or with a statement necklace.

Jessica Alba in Paris

Elle Macpherson

Olivia Palmero on streets of NY

Sienna Miller in Paris

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