The Australian contingent

The Emmy’s are on today and since I am sitting at home with food poisoning I have had plenty of time to look over the masses of photos online. It is always lovely to check out what the stars are wearing on the red carpet. I think it’s because in our everyday life we don’t get to wear ball gowns often so we live vicariously though others?

There were some beautiful dresses but I am loving the choices by the Australian contingent – Rose Byrne and Toni Collette – who both looked fabulous. I absolutely love the white Gucci dress Rose is wearing with her messy hair I think it is probably one of my favourites of the event and it is a very bold stray from her usual glossy well done hair. I actually really really like it but have read elsewhere that she looks terrible?

Rose Byrne on the red carpet

I also love the grey strapless Valentino gown that Toni is wearing. The Valentino dress is a beautiful dress but it probably doesn’t have that WOW factor that we all look for in a ball gown. That being said, I’d be very happy wearing it to an event requiring a ball gown…if only there was such an event.

Toni Collette on the red carpet

One thought on “The Australian contingent

  1. Diana

    I think Rose Byrne looks stunning as well — then again, she always does. Unfortunately, some of the photos that were shot outdoors were not always flattering, as the sunlight seemed to do strange things to her hair. If you compare the red carpet pics to any that were taken indoors, you’ll see a world of difference. At first, I didn’t care for her messy do, but the indoor shots completely changed my mind — her hair looks ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS (especially when in profile).

    Rose frequently makes very bold fashion choices and I think that’s fantastic.


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