Top 10 – Nicole Richie 2010

Here are my top 10 fabulous outfits from Nicole Richie for 2010.

1. On the red carpet

At the 82nd Academy Awards - March 2010

2. Most fabulous wedding dress

Marchesa wedding dress

Even though I haven’t seen a picture of the front I love the detailing on the back of this dress.

3. Most fabulous summer outfit

In Van Nuys - April 2010

4. Most fabulous winter outfit

Shopping in New York - December 2010

5. Most fabulous magazine spread – Australian Grazia (and no I’m not biased)

Australian Grazia

Grazia - June Australia

6. Most fabulous outfit whilst promoting Winter Kate

At Nordstrom Seattle - March 2010

7. Most fabulous outfit wearing jeans

At Hollywood Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - March 2010

8. Most fabulous outfit wearing tights

At Dance Studio Los Angeles - April 2010

9. Most fabulous jacket

For this category I have two favourites:-


Marc Jacobs jacket - New York - September 2010

I couldn’t decide as I also love this one.


Witchery jacket - July 2010

Both are gorgeous and totally different.

10. Most fabulous personal photo

Working on Winter Kate SS 2011 collection - August 2010

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