Pretty in pink

I am loving everything pink at the moment. Pink is such a gorgeous colour, it is bright and happy but seemed to fall out of favour over the past couple of years in both the interior design and fashion circles.

It is a colour which is much easier to wear than to put in your home especially if you live with a male as the colour pink just screams feminine. But pink can look amazing and doesn’t have to make a home look overtly feminine.

A touch of pink like these bright pink candles and candle stick holders in Marie and Nicks East Bay Ranch looks great. Anna Spiro from Absolutely Beautiful Things has used these bright pink lamp shades as the feature in her shop front Black Spiro in Brisbane. An easy way to incorporate the colour into your home.

You could instead go for a bold statement like this staircase or the architraves around the door or window to create a colourful frame.

Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere has also created a bold statement but using a softer pink. The soft pink wall gives the room a sense of warmth that a white wall just can’t do.

4 thoughts on “Pretty in pink

  1. Mez

    I LOVE these touches of pink. The only touches of pink I can think of in our house are a big ornamental Indian Elephant we have she’s embroidered in all different colours including hot pink. Now I want to get some other touches of pink… my mind is going into over drive.

    Love your blog by the way, just found it. So good to find another person as equally obsessed with Nicole Richie’s style as I am haahahahaaa

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