Bag lust

Mulberry Alexa

I have been lusting over the Mulberry Alexa bag since it hit the shelves last year. To me it is the perfect accessory but retailing in Australia for AU$1,950 this is slightly out of my price range. A girl can always dream can’t she?

Alexa Chung, the muse for the bag, has replaced her vintage Mulberry men’s briefcase for the Alexa.

Alexa Chung the muse

Olivia Palermo shows that she isn’t all prep and classic style.

Oliva Palermo out in London February 2010

The Alexa is high on my ‘To buy’ list but in the meantime the Old Skool bag by Spanish designer Su-Shi could make a very good alternative given that it selling online for AU$280 (including shipping).

Su-Shi Old Skool bag

The gorgeous Mireia from MyDailyStyle shows us that the more economical satchel can look just as amazing as the designer bag.


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