The big news!!

After months and months of uncertainty, and some sleepless nights, the big news at our house is that Mr. Fabulous and I are heading to New York to live!!!!

We will deeply miss our family and friends in Australia but at the same time we are so excited about starting a new adventure together and to finally have our weekends back* to explore what is one of the most exciting cities in the world and see what the rest of the country has to offer.

Currently my life has been consumed with all aspects of the move – packing boxes, liaising with removalists, booking flights, arranging temporary accommodation, cancelling all sorts of memberships (including my gym membership that I haven’t used in six months) and updating address details etc.

But in between all the madness my mind wanders to more exciting thoughts such as where we will live, what amazing places we will eat at and of course all the shopping that can and will be done!

Whilst Mr. Fabulous has his job in New York, I have left my job behind so join me as I discover New York City, find and decorate our new apartment, discover new favourite haunts, find a job, meet new friends and work out what to wear when the temperature goes below zero degrees!

*Over the past six months we have spent every weekend working on our house and have created a beautiful two bedroom home in Maroubra. Not without some tears, this chapter of our life closed last week when I handed the keys over to the real estate agent (please tenants look after our home!).

5 thoughts on “The big news!!

  1. Hodunn

    I’m signing up for email notifications!!
    Best of luck to you both….
    We will be in the same season… So I’ll expect some pointers in the right direction for proper winter fashion! xx


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