The first few weeks

{Love Sculpture by Robert Indiana at 55th and 6th}

Moving to New York city has been both exciting and daunting for so many reasons. I mean we are in New York City but moving your whole life to the other side of the world, it is difficult.

Mr. Fabulous was straight to work and so I have spent the first few weeks exploring the area which we are temporarily staying, mid-town. Although mid-town is primarily a tourist area with Times Square and Broadway, there is a certain charm about the area with the hustle and bustle and the old-fashioned diners that seem to be stuck in a time warp. We are also close to Central Park which has been great for me to get back into an exercise routine, and gets me out of the apartment on a daily basis.

There is a much less glamorous side to moving overseas such as the jet lag suffered from the 21 hour flight from Sydney to New York (it really is a killer), trying to find a good coffee shop (I have been given some recommendations now and am happy to report that I am finally getting good coffee) and spending hours in the grocery store looking for the simple things like washing up liquid and bread – which makes grocery shopping ten times as long as it should. But I’m in NY and it is such an amazing city so who cares?? I’ll happily spend a few hours in Wholefoods!!

{Fresh produce at the Sunday Farmers Market in the East Village}

{New Converse walking shoes}

{The dreamy streets around Soho}

2 thoughts on “The first few weeks

  1. Hodunn

    I’m not looking forward to spending hours in sainsbury’s… Is that even a supermarket?!!

    Glad to see you are finally relaxing… No reports on naughty shopping shenanigans yet?!


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