Our first American halloween

{Our first fancy dress party, me as a Mouse and Tim as an American Indian cross with a Cowboy}

It’s fair to say that I was fairly excited about our first Halloween in America. I got into the spirit of things by buying pumpkins at the local markets and coloured candy from the store to make our apartment feel a little more festive. I even went so far as to paint my nails in Halloween colours.

As for the Halloween party we went to on Saturday night, I have never seen so many people in one place in such amazing fancy dress – it is the case of whatever your imagination/budget/time can create. My favourites were the girls dressed up from Robert Palmer’s music clip Simply Irresistible (they even had the dance moves), the little piñata and the smurf and smurfette making out at the bar.

{Fresh pumpkins I bought from the Union Square Farmers Markets*}

{New Essie nail polish in festive colours - Wicked for the toes and Mango Bango for the hands}

{It's all about the pumpkin this time of year and yes we both loved the pie}

{A jar full of jelly beans makes a great colourful display and are a good sugar pick me up in the afternoon}

*I did have three pumpkins a big one, a medium-sized one and a small one but the one in the middle decided to rot, so sadly he had to go in the bin. I’ll be making a pumpkin soup with these two later this week.

One thought on “Our first American halloween

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