Weekend out of the city

This weekend we hired a car and drove out to Montauk, a beachside town at the very end of Long Island. We stayed at a lovely B&B on the Old Montauk Highway and spent the weekend driving around The Hamptons, eating good food and drinking local wine. Despite it being the off-season we still managed to have a fantastic time and dreamed of what it would be like in the peak of summer when the weather is warm, the streets are filled with people and the trees are green – we can’t wait to go back next year.

{An early morning walk around the Montauk Lighthouse}

{The trees have started to lose their leaves and the side walks are filled with dry leaves}

{Gawking at the amazingly large houses in the East Hamptons}

{The vineyard at Wolffer Estate}

{We spent the afternoon tasting the local wines and snacking on a cheese plate and left when the sun went down}

{It was the first time we had seen the ocean since we left Australia}

{Stopping at the side of the road}

{Walking around the marina at Sag Harbour}


4 thoughts on “Weekend out of the city

  1. Lucent Imagery

    Oh this looks like such a beautiful weekend. And you look GORGEOUS! It’s funny that we were only in New York for 5 days last year but fell in love with the city so much that seeing these pictures makes me miss it and look forward to discovering more out of the city next time. I love the photo of you sitting on the fence with the cute barn and road.

    1. Paula Post author

      America is such a big country there is just so much to see and do…so little time! The Hamptons was well worth a visit though.

      P xo


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