Happy days

I have been thinking for a while about people’s different attitudes towards life. Are you the type of person that makes the most of a bad situation or do you turn into a negative Nelly when things aren’t going exactly your way? I admit that I sometimes fall into the second category and so whilst I am just hanging out in this incredible city I thought it would a good idea put together a short list of the small things, the everyday things that make me smile and remind me that life is good because sometimes just hanging out isn’t as fun as it sounds. And besides when was the last time you took a minute to appreciate all the good things in your life?

1. Being able to buy fresh flowers on a weekly basis to display around the house (fresh flowers are so cheap that there really is no excuse not to have some in a vase)
2. Getting into a bed with crisp clean sheets (this always makes me smile no matter where I am)
3. Having an empty washing basket (makes me feel a real sense of accomplishment?? Like I said, sometimes it’s just the little things)
4. The smell of freshly ground coffee beans in our fridge and
5. The smell of something sweet baking in the oven
6. Turning up to a subway station and having the train turn up straight away (it is amazing how quickly our ability to adapt is – I wouldn’t have thought twice about waiting 20 minutes for a bus in Sydney)
7. Being able to see clearly the change of season and watch the leaves on the trees change colour in the most spectacular fashion
8. Having a long hot shower (which we can do here in New York without feeling incredibly guilty that another drought might be just around the corner)
9. The little bit of light that shines into our apartment in the morning (and it is only a little bit but I smile at it every time)
10. Being able to walk four blocks from our apartment and buy fresh produce from New York and New Jersey at the local farmers markets.

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