Antiques Garage

On one of our first weekends in New York we discovered the Hell’s Kitchen and Antique Garage flea markets and they have been a fabulous find. I’m not really into second-hand clothing – I generally think it smells musty – but I do love trawling through the stalls that hold bric-a-brac and second-hand furniture in a quest to find a few small items that will add a little bit of character to our apartment that is nearly completely decked out in Ikea.

We’ve already picked up some great pieces for the apartment such as the old school lamp that sits next to our second-hand desk (thank you to our lovely friends for just giving it to us).

The pink Manhattan glass piece that holds jewellery.

The silver and glass tray that sits on my bedside table to hold my watch and wedding rings.

The mirror that hangs in the kitchen nook.

I haven’t been for a few weeks so I’m looking forward to going back this weekend and check out what is on offer.

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