Spotted: the red trousers

Whilst walking around the city the other day I noticed multiple lovely ladies wearing bright red tights/trousers (or pants as we call them in Australia). I know that the red trousers trend has been around for a while so I was surprised to see it still on the streets. If you are game the red can look good as these following ladies show.

{Kate Bosworth}

Paige Denim seem to have a perfect pair over at Shopbop and if I could pull them off I’d be running out to buy a pair. But I think I’d rather add a pop of red to my outfit with something a little more subtle like a clutch or pair of shoes.

{Paige Denim at}


One thought on “Spotted: the red trousers

  1. Lucent Imagery

    I agree. I tend to add the bright colours or pattern trends via scarves and shoes. I feel like I can wear it longer then and not look like i’m outdated when trends move on. Love that you discovered Hell’s Kitchen early on. It’s funny that when we went last year, some guide books still tell you not to go there! We wandered through there and found nothing “hellish” about hell’s kitchen! (by the way, I don’t have the patience for crafty stuff either, it was the promise to my friend that kept me going! And sewing of buttons etc is a job for my mum and mother-in-law!). Love your outfit with the Zara dress. Am loving living vicariously through your NY adventures.


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