Woodstock weekend

Obviously I’m running a little behind here but just before the end of 2011 we headed out-of-town again (our first trip was to Washington D.C.) for a few days to Woodstock and then further north to Saratoga Springs (which is about 3 1/2 hours directly north of NYC). We had a great few days away – we ate dinner in a gorgeous restaurants, saw some amazing scenery and most importantly the in-law’s got to see some snow…

{Stopping in Bethel to see the actual site of the historic Woodstock Music Festival}

{Crazy caravan on the streets of Woodstock}

{Street art on the main street of Woodstock}

{"Snow" or more like ice in the Catskills}

{A quick tour around The Catskill Distilling Co and Peace vodka tasting}

{Beautiful old houses around Franklin Square in Saratoga Springs}

{Having a quick bite to eat in Saratoga Springs before heading back to the city for a NYE dinner party}

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