Boyfriend jeans

My dressing standards have been slipping lately. It is not uncommon for me to leave the house during the day in Ugg boots, my comfy around the house pants (or trousers depending on where you are from), a puffy jacket and my hair in a top knot *gasp*. This is a far cry from when we first arrived in New York where I was determined to be the next Carrie Bradshaw and made sure I left the house in tip-top condition. So in an attempt to try to be comfortable yet stylish I think I need a pair of boyfriend jeans. These are my top two and given that they are both under $100 I should probably buy both*. Which pair do you like better?

{Gap 1969 mid-weight sexy boyfriend jeans}

{Levis Boyfriend Skinny Crop Jeans}

1. Gap 1969 mid-weight sexy boyfriend jeans
2. Levis boyfriend skinny crop jeans

*I’m not sure my lovely husband would agree.


4 thoughts on “Boyfriend jeans

    1. Paula Post author

      I ended up going with the darker pair for all the reasons you say and I only purchased one pair…feeling slightly guilty since I haven’t worked for 5 months!


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