Baking with Momofuku Milk Bar

I have started to gather a small but great selection of cookbooks since arriving here and one of my favourites is the Momofuku Milk Bar. This cookbook is a baker’s dream, every batch of cookies I have made so far have turned out as gloriously sweet delights. Although I should say that these are no ordinary cookies and that the recipes do call for a little more work than usual. The book has also inspired me to bake with imagination – using corn flakes, pretzels, chips and marshmallows (whatever you have in the cupboard) and to not worry about failure in the kitchen because ultimately you will create something wonderful. My first attempt using a recipe from the cookbook was the cornflake crunch and then the cornflake-chocolate-chip-marshmallow cookies. I’m surprised that I actually got some cookies out of the batch since the cornflake crunch and the cookie dough is good enough to eat all on its own.

Making the cornflake crunch

Mixing all the ingredients together

Out of the fridge ready to bake

The final delicious product

Since these I have made a second batch with the pretzel crunch rather than the cornflake crunch and I think that they turned out even better than the first!

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