{Weekend} New York style

{Think Coffee - one of the better coffee places in the city}

This weekend was fairly quiet for us. We did all the boring stuff like clean the apartment and ran some errands but the weather was so lovely that we tried to get outside as much as possible to take advantage of the sunshine. We spent a few hours on Saturday walking around the West Village, brought some fabric from the Marimekko store which we are going to make into a piece of art work, sipped cups of coffee, had lunch at Eataly (it was worth the battling the crowds!) and watched a few movies on TV (it was definitely a George Clooney weekend).

{The piano man in Washington Square Park - you can usually find him there when the weather is good}

{Cornelia Street Cafe - apparently SJP and Matthew Broderick had their first date here}

{In the heart of the West Village}

{Shopping up at Flatiron}

{Outside Milk & Cookies - delicious freshly made cookies}

{The streets of the West Village are just so idyllic}

{Do you recognise this building? It was the apartment building that the cast of Friends supposedly lived in}


5 thoughts on “{Weekend} New York style

  1. Cara

    Looks like a really fun, relaxed weekend. We were in NY on Saturday but didn’t make it around time, hopefully will get back there soon!

    1. Paula Post author

      Thanks Cara! It was a great weekend and hopefully you’ll be back in NY soon to get to time explore it a little more than just dinner at the Ritz-Carlton!

      P xo

  2. Natalie

    Seriously! That sounds like perfection in a weekend to me! I love just being out and about. Grabbing coffee always, lunch sometimes. Exploring and browsing, maybe picking up something new. Loved seeing your pics! xx Nat

  3. Paula Post author

    I love a lazy weekend but I also love exploring since we are new to the city so just being out and about is fun for us! Thanks for stopping by Natalie!

    P xo


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