All you need is love

{A large love heart in our kitchen}

Last year my husband told me that he didn’t have to worry about Valentines Day since we are now married – apparently this sound advice was given to him by his married mates??!!. So last year we did nothing and to be really honest, I was o.k. about it since I do believe that you don’t need a special day of the year to remind someone that you love them. And although Tim and I do all the little things in everyday life that remind us that we love each other, I was inspired by the gorgeous Natalie over at Ihearthisblog who has a self-declared ‘love month’ and decided to add some visible love to our little, dark apartment.

{Little love hearts in our entrance to remind us that we are surrounded by love when we walk in the door}

{Hershey's Kisses for after dinner treats next to our favourite wedding photo}

{A little heart by my husband's bed to make sure he has lovely dreams}

This is about as DIY as I get, buying cardboard shaped love hearts from a craft store…but Natalie also has a great DIY project which involves both hearts and garland and I think I might just have a crack at, it looks like something a beginner could try.

2 thoughts on “All you need is love

  1. Natalie

    Awww, Paula! Thanks for the love my sweet! I love your LOVEly little hearts! Way to go my friend. It’s super sweet how you put one by the hubs bedside (which btw, we have the same rad little table!). And Hersey’s Kisses? Yes please. I shamefully (or rather not so shamefully) polished off a bag nearly to myself just the other day. Smooches! Nat


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