Day one {diary of a juice cleanse}

Day 1. I woke up hungry – this is not a good start. How am I going to survive not eating for three whole days and only drinking liquids??? Anyway, the 18 juices are in the fridge ready for me to drink so I’m not going to waste them. Here I am, first thing in the morning drinking juice #1…

{The look sums it up}

Don’t you wish we woke up looking like they do on TV??? Anyway, the juice doesn’t taste like much but maybe that’s because of my head cold…probably a good thing since husband says it tastes very green, like cucumber.

I spend the morning at home glued to the computer (I’m job hunting) about 2 hours later I’m starting to feel hungry again. Time for juice #2 – I can’t really taste it either, but it is like drinking sweet water with a hint of pepper.

To get out of the house I decide to take a walk down to Tribeca and back again. I never realised how many families with children live in Tribeca – did anyone else know this? Saw this gorgeous painted wall in the West Village.

{Love wall art}

Although you can’t tell in the picture, it’s such a beautiful day!

Back at home juice #3 is pleasant enough, tastes like carrots (not surprising since it’s the main ingredient). With nothing planned for the afternoon I have a ‘kindy’ nap since I am feeling really lethargic and headachy. Woke up a few hours later, time for juice #4. It’s actually ok (beetroot and ginger, who would have thought??).

Did some washing and drank more tea…time for juice #5 (the green juice again)! OK this makes me want to gag, not because it’s unpleasant but I’m just sick of drinking….eeek I haven’t even got through day one. A friend on Facebook told me to chew the juice, I’m trying, it kind of helps as silly as it sounds. What keeps me going is juice #6 – cashew, cinnamon and vanilla – mmmmm and yes it is as good as it sounds although maybe it’s all relative, drinking vegetable and fruit juices all day, anything sweet is going to taste good.

At the end of day 1 I’m not feeling hungry at all but full of water. I’m pretty tired but it’s late so time for bed.


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