Day two {Diary of a juice cleanse}

Day 2. I’m still drinking the juices (I’m over half way through – yay!) but the most noticeable difference was that I actually had a lot more energy than I did on Day 1. Went for a walk down to Soho to go to Bloomingdales. Needed new facial moisturizer. This is my favourite at the moment.

{My skin seems to love it. Source:}

Then stopped in at Club Monaco and Zara for a sneaky peak.

{Feel in love with this Zara combined blouse. Source:}

Oh and these shoes.

{Zara I basic sandal. Source:}

I struggled around 5pm when I was really really hungry and contemplated exactly why I am doing this since it was Friday night and I’d love a glass of wine with some cheese and crackers instead of the green juice? In the end all I’m hoping for are two very simple things (1) that I can stick to it and finish the three days without eating/drinking something I shouldn’t and (2) that my body with thank me for it…somehow (and somehow will result in a flatter stomach??).

Oh and look what Tim brought home with him…

{My absolute favourite Aussie chocolate bar}


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