Day three {diary of a juice cleanse}

Day 3. I woke up really hungry on the final morning but I’m down to my final 6 juices…

{The final 6 juices in our fridge}

I’m on the home stretch and it feels like my stomach is kind of flatter but you’d expect that since I haven’t eaten for 48 hours.

The first juice of the day, the green juice – the one that makes me gag – is going down fine, it doesn’t have that overwhelming cucumber flavour anymore. We did some housework. Ok truthfully, Tim did some housework (he’s the clean freak in the relationship) and I drink juice #2. This one is my second fav behind the cashew juice #6 so it’s easy to drink. To get out of the apartment we went out for lunch. Whilst I down juice #3 – the carrot juice, Tim has a lovely looking bean salad and I have a cup of tea.

{The Rooibos Chai is delicious even without milk}

Juice #4 (the beetroot juice) and juice #5 (the green juice) go down well. There was no gagging involved or cries that “I can’t drink anymore liquid” and surprisingly the green juice is tasting better and better each time I drink it. Finally I drink juice #6 and it’s all over. I’m not really sure what I was expecting but there certainly were no fireworks. We go to bed early and I dream about what I can eat for breakfast in the morning.

6 thoughts on “Day three {diary of a juice cleanse}

  1. Cara

    I’m curious to hear your thoughts about the whole thing, I’ve been thinking about doing a cleanse for awhile now and would love to hear your recap!

    1. Paula Post author

      The Friday night wine and cheese was really hard to resist but I did it and yes, it paid off in the end. Thanks again for stopping by.

      P xo


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