{Weekend away} On the streets of Philadelphia

We were going to have a mid-winter jaunt to the Bahamas, then it was South Miami but we ended up in Philadelphia for two nights…And although we weren’t lying on a beach drinking cocktails it was great to get away for a few nights (the only thing we were missing was a tan). As it turns out Philly has a lot of historic sights to visit but one of the best things about it is that it is small enough that you can literally walk everywhere (which certainly gives us some perspective regarding the size of New York city).

{Friday night basketball game with the Philadelphia 76ers v Dallas Mavericks}

{Delicious crepes for breakfast at Reading Terminal Market}

{Visiting the Rocky Statute and running up the stairs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art}

{Hands down best coffee in the USA}

{Getting our history fix at Declaration Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed}

{We didn't try a Philly cheese steak - I hope we didn't miss out?}

{Philadelphia was once the capital of the USA and has some amazing architecture}

{But some of the buildings need a little TLC}

{On Sunday we drove back to the city via Princeton - it is just stunning}

{It reminded me of England}


3 thoughts on “{Weekend away} On the streets of Philadelphia

  1. aida

    Hey sweetie!
    I discovered your blog while peeking at others and I am totally hooked by it – beautiful, well organised, interesting…qualities I certainly associate to your character! I would like to invite yhou to visit my blog as well and maybe you’ll follow if it pleases you. I’m already following yours!

    wish you the best

  2. Natalie

    FUN! I love your trip pics Paula!! I wish you could have sent me some of that best coffee ever!! Although, I’m not sure how it would have traveled! Sad. xx Nat

    1. Paula Post author

      So glad you enjoy our trip pics Nat! And I totally would have sent you some of that coffee if I knew it would travel well!

      P xo


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