Cherry blossoms {and grey skies}

When we were in Washington D.C. in December last year Tim and I decided that our travel plans should include a return trip in spring to see the cherry blossoms around the tidal basin in full bloom*. So when I saw Living Social deal for a weekend in D.C. specifically for the festival (including a bottle of wine and cherry blossom cupcakes on arrival)  I snapped it right up**.  With the weather so mild we took a chance and made a reservation for late March and crossed our fingers that our timing would work. It turns out we were almost spot on – this year the blossoms were unusually early and we missed their ‘peak bloom’ by only 4 days!

The trees with their different shades of pink and sometimes white look almost fake, and what you don’t notice about them from afar is that each tree is slightly different to the next in colour and in the way that they blossoms sit together. They are just incredibly beautiful and happy trees. And although the weather wasn’t great (our umbrella came out more than once) we still managed to walk the 1.9 mile track (that’s just over 3 kms for my Aussie friends) around the basin to check it all out.

*The cherry blossoms were given as a gift by the Japanese to America in 1912. 3,000 cherry blossoms are planted around the tidal basin and each year the National Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates the occasion.

** This was done back in the day when I had ample time to read every internet deal that hit my inbox.


2 thoughts on “Cherry blossoms {and grey skies}

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