The month of March {and the beginning of April}

Sorry for my less than frequent posts of late. March was a bit of a blurr. I have a new job – it’s in an office and I sit in a cubicle all day but I’m just so happy to have a job so I can’t complain.

A few weeks ago:

{We finished looking after this incredibly gorgeous dog. I just want to eat him up}

{The Magnolia trees were in full bloom and we were wearing spring gear}

Last week:

{I found this lovely yoghurt in a pretty glass jar - so cute. I didn't have time to snap the photo before I ate the contents of the jar}

Today: my eyes got fuzzy from staring at a computer screen too long and I set my alarm for a 5am wake up call because…

This weekend: we are heading to New Orleans with some new-found friends for a long weekend. I’m so excited. I haven’t been on a plane since we arrived here 7 months ago, and it’s going to be warm…I mean really warm! I am having trouble deciding what to pack since my summer clothes have been in hibernation for the past 12 months*.

Next week: I’m going to start exercising. Something I haven’t done much of lately. I blame the new job, but really I can’t do that, I think I’m just lazy…and tired, I can’t seem to make it to bed at a reasonable hour in this city! Any tips are more than welcome.

Happy Easter everyone.

P xo

*Heading from Australian winter to American winter wasn’t very well planned.

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