The big easy {New Orleans Easter 2012}

This weekend we packed our bags and headed to “Nawlins” with some lovely folks we met here in NYC. It was such a wonderful weekend. The sun was shining, the weather was warm and most importantly there were lots and lots of laughs.

Here’s some snaps on how the weekend played out.

{We drank. There were lots and lots of cheap drinks}

{We stumbled across a wedding parade - with a jazz band, police escort and friends in tow}

{We did a great bike tour with Confederacy Bike tours. Jeff, our tour guide was an absolute star}

{We walked back to our hotel rather than taking the street car on St Charles...with gelato and macaroons in hand}

{We saw buskers playing blues and roots on the streets. Such a great vibe}

{We did a tour of a cemetery, which turned out to be pretty bad}

{But we took this pic before we realised}

{We saw beautiful quaint houses. I think I just love the shutters and the colours}

{We drank hurricanes on Bourbon St waiting for the Easter Parade to begin}

And what we didn’t capture on film:-

  • Too much fried food. I am talking way too much fried food.
  • Lazing by the pool at The W
  • Staying out until 2am listening to these guys play a set. I am such a dork I even bought the CD!

Thank you to our lovely friends – we had so much fun, it wouldn’t have been the same without ya’ll.


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