Walking around {NYC}

{I’ve been doing lots of walking lately and taking pictures with my phone}

{Walking in the most inappropriate outfits, but it is NYC so you have to look good right?}

{The streets in springtime are just magical}

{And I get to walk through this wonderful park on my way home from work}

We’ve been in NYC about 7 month now and I’m starting to feel more at home. I don’t feel like a tourist anymore, but I certainly don’t fit into a ‘local’ category either. Is anyone a local here? Once you have been here for a while you start to see little things you might miss if you were a tourist. New York is visual overload and I think, as a tourist, it’s hard to take it all in as you tend to focus more on the city in its entirety, and endeavouring not to be overwhelmed by it.  New York really is an amazing and fascinating city. I feel so luck to actually be living here.

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