A day at the beach {Long Island}

Last weekend we took the train out to Long Beach, Long Island. Our expectations were fairly low since in my years of travel I have come to the conclusion that Australia has some of the best beaches in the world (not that I wish to offend anyone). Unfortunately Long Beach didn’t even live up to the lowered expectations – since when should you have to pay to go to the beach??

{We had a lunch time burger at this joint. It wasn’t the best burger I’ve ever had}

{The boardwalk is really, really long. We really should have hired some bikes to check out the rest of the beach}

{We went for a walk around the back streets and came across this eclectic front yard. I couldn’t resist taking a photo}

{We came across this very cool looking car}

{And then we practised with the new camera taking pics of each other}

{We also tried a few more ‘creative’ shots – perhaps their will be some more outfit shots in the future?}


5 thoughts on “A day at the beach {Long Island}

    1. Paula Post author

      TONYC thanks for stopping by. It is certainly worth the trip to Long Beach but we were just a little disappointed with it. Next time i want to go to Rockaway Beach.

    1. Paula Post author

      Kathleen, the kangaroo did it for me, we just had to take a photo – i wondered if the owners had even been to Australia? Thank you so for stopping by.

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