The Berkshires {Massachusetts Part II}

Here are some more snaps from the weekend up in the Berkshires, Massachusetts. We stayed in a cute B&B in a town called Lenox which was an arty little town and extremely idyllic.  The whole reason for the weekend away; to head to Tanglewood (the home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra) to see Diana Krall (did you know she is married to Elvis Costello?). Five stars go to Tanglewood as an outdoor concert venue, nothing could be much better than sitting under the stars, listening to live music, eating good food (I ordered a picnic basket online from the local wine shop and picked it up just before we headed to the venue) and drinking great (BYO) wine.

According to my parents it was one of the highlights of their trip (except for the hours we spent sitting in traffic on Friday afternoon to get out of NYC).


One thought on “The Berkshires {Massachusetts Part II}

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