An overcast weekend {East Hampton}

The last few weeks have been incredibly hectic. I started a new job and then we had one of my best friends come to stay for the week which inevitably involved lots of eating, drinking and late nights. There is nothing like having friends and family come to stay but it’s fair to say that we are now exhausted.

We have so many photos from the past couple of months (which I plan to share with you now that I have some time). This first lot of photos are only from a few weekends ago when we headed to East Hampton with some friends for the weekend. Going through the photos I realised that we have lots of beach pictures – clearly we miss the beach!

We are heading back out there next weekend, our fingers and toes are crossed that we might actually get in the water for a swim. And I’m looking forward to more celebrity sightings! How cool are we, hanging out in the same bar as Alexa Chung ;-))!


One thought on “An overcast weekend {East Hampton}

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