Summer {must do list}

This past week I noticed that the days are getting shorter and the mornings are slightly cooler. I love summer with its hot long nights and weekends at the beach but I’m also kind of excited about the thought of snuggling up at home, seeing snow again and warming up next to a fire-place.

I wrote this list of 10 things I would like to accomplish for our first American summer back in May and with summer coming to a close* I thought it would be fun to revisit it and see what I still have to tick off with only one week to go.

  1. Attend an outdoor concert – Tick. We headed up to the Berkshires in June with my parents to see Diana Krall
  2. Spend a weekend in the Hampton’s – Tick. We managed this not once but twice! (see here for our first trip – pics from our second trip coming soon)
  3. Hire a car and head down to the Jersey Shore so Tim can go for a surf. Sorry to my beautiful husband, you didn’t get one surf in all summer :-(.
  4. Have people over for late afternoon cocktails on a Saturday afternoon
  5. Go to Shakespeare’s playhouse in Central Park
  6. See a concert in Central Park
  7. Go for evening walks at least 3 times a week
  8. Take the train to either Point Pleasant, New Jersey or Long Beach, Long Island – Tick tick. We got to Long Beach and I’m claiming Long Branch, New Jersey (which is a few train stations before Point Pleasant) (see here and here).
  9. Make a cake out of the Momofuku cake book – I have been feeling very uninspired at the moment so there is no way this is happening any time soon
  10. Head over to Brooklyn Botanical Gardens – we have plans to visit friends in Brooklyn on the Labor Day long weekend so I’m hoping we’ll get to check out the Gardens.

*Labor day, the first Monday in September, is officially the last day of summer in the northern hemisphere.


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