Just over one year ago…

…we packed up our house in Sydney (with the help of my wonderful mother-in-law) and boarded a Qantas flight bound for New York – we were full of excitement and anticipation.

What will our new life bring? How long will it take to get settled? Will we make friends? How much will we miss our family? Will I get a job? What will I do until I get a job? What will our new apartment look like?

Fortunately New York has been fairly kind to us both.  But here are some of the things that I wasn’t expecting:-

·         Frozen yoghurt – I don’t know what’s in it and if its bad for you but I Love it!

·         The phrase “Excuse me” – it can be a “sorry”, or a rude “excuse me” used interchangeably and very difficult to know if one is being yelled at or not. This one is also my pet hate.

·         Mexican’s – this city would stop functioning without them

·         Summer is really hot and humid and can only be compared with living in Brisbane (which i remember from my high school and university days)

·         Catching a taxi is not like it is in SATC, never have I walked out of my apartment or out of a restaurant and just flagged down a cab within 2 seconds

·         Flat shoes are a necessity – and heels really are for special occasions.

·         I can get whatever I want delivered to my door step within 24 hours. Seriously, you name it and you could get it delivered as long as you are willing to pay for it.

·         It’s super expensive, for instance we buy Australian beef from Wholefoods and it costs $40 per kg (or $20 per pound) – exactly WTF

·         The only things that are cheaper than Sydney are taxi fares and clothes

·         The variety in food – the number of different coloured carrots, radishes, the number of different apples that exist etc. I wish we could get it all in Australia

It has been an amazing year and I feel so incredibly lucky to have this experience and the best part of all…I get to share it with my husband. I’m so lucky! So I’m raising a glass of good bubbly (of the French kind) to the next 12 months.


2 thoughts on “Just over one year ago…

  1. Katie O

    Hard to believe its been that long. Loving your tales and am living vicariously through you as I’d love to visit New York one day. Here’s to 12 more months. 🙂


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