I love New York but it gets to the point when you just really want to get out of the city. I’m craving some out-of-town time but with the husband currently back in Australia for two weeks I don’t see us getting anywhere until after Christmas. So until our next getaway I’ll just have to be content to dream of destinations (and trust me I have a very long list of places I’d like to visit) and browse through photos from our 2012 catalogue of travels.

A few months ago we spent a weekend with friends in Newport, Rhode Island (to check out the houses of the rich and famous) and Mystic, Connecticut (to eat chowder!).

{Nothing like some good old-fashioned chowder}

{Picturesque Mystic}

{Spectacular coastline at Newport} 

{Opulent houses in Newport – really who needs walls covered in platinum?}

{Would you stand in a line this long for apple cider?}{Aww just us and the Atlantic Ocean}

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