Mexico {Mayan ruins and a babymoon}


{The beach at Playa del Carmen}

Ever since my university days I have wanted to visit the Mayan ruins in Mexico so I put it to husband one night in December when it was cold and miserable outside, that ‘wouldn’t it be nice to have one last holiday lying on the beach doing nothing before the baby is born?’ and suggested Mexico as an ideal location. Lucky for me he thought the idea was pretty good so we booked a trip to an all-inclusive resort near Playa del Carmen on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.


{Husband was happy that the beach actually had waves so he could body surf – he desperately wanted a surf board to ride these lovely little waves but none could be found}IMG_2116

{The grounds of the resort were beautiful and lush}IMG_2118 IMG_2132

After lounging around the resort for a couple of days we got bored so we took the resort bus and spent half a day in Playa del Carmen.


{Husband brought a pair of crocodile skin boots which I’m totally embarrassed about so won’t post a picture}

We also took a day trip to Chichen Itza. I won’t lie, it was a long day but totally worth it.



{Here I am, the fat pregnant woman, looking particularly happy in this shot}

The day trip also involved a stop at a Cenote (underground water hole) for a swim.


And a stop in a town called Valladolid (the Spanish built it out of stones from Mayan temples).


So now we are on the count down…6 more weeks until we meet our new little boy.


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