39 and 1/2 weeks {and other random things}

Gee how time flies. I cannot believe it but I am 39 and 1/2 weeks pregnant as I write this and we are pretty much ready to meet our little man as soon as he decides to enter the world! Since this is our first child both husband and I are filled with excitement but also we’re damm nervous, I mean, what do we do with our little boy when he comes home? I’m sure the maternal instinct kicks in (everyone says it does) but that doesn’t make us feel any better. I think it’s also the fact that we realize our lives are about to change forever and don’t really know how we will adjust to it (and honestly both husband and I don’t handle change very well). It’s all a BIG exciting unknown.

37 weeks

{Actually this is me at 37 weeks}

We are a bit proud over here. Check out this picture that husband took of some work being done to the baseball fields below our building –  it made it into the local newspaper. We are proud as punch.


My parents arrived last weekend just in time for spring (although it’s still kind of cold) and we took a trip out to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to check out the cherry blossoms. We were a little early to witness their full magnificence but there were a few trees in full bloom! In comparison it was nothing like D.C last year but cherry blossoms never get old. They are just delicately pretty.

cherry blossms brooklyn 2 Cherry blossms brooklyn 1With my parents in town we’ve also managed to spend a bit of time downtown. We’ve never really spent much time down there, probably because it’s the financial district and on the weekends it’s like a ghost town. But the absence of people gives you time to look around and fully appreciate the mix of old and new.
Downtown 1 Downtown 2 Downtown 3


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