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Career in crisis {can a successful career grow from your passions?}


I’m having a bit of a career crisis. This is nothing new, it happens a few times a year, but it’s been exacerbated by return to the workforce after baby George. In my desperate attempt to soul search, i recently wrote a list of things that i love. It was titled “Passions” and as i was writing the list i realized, i like a lot of things! I love food – cooking and eating it, i love a good cup of coffee and a great glass of wine (white, red or Rose – i’m pretty indiscriminate when it comes to wine), i love reading blogs, i love beautiful interiors, i love beautiful clothes, shoes and handbags, i love the beach, i love celebrity gossip – yes this is a bit random and i’m ashamed to admit it but i want to know what Kourtney Kardashian was wearing when she went to lunch with her sisters, i love travelling and i love motherhood – this is only a recent addition to the list but my goodness, what a life changer.

But can we make a successful career out of the things we love? I have grown up with the belief that i can do anything i put my mind to and that money, a.k.a a successful career, will follow. I’ve always believed this philosophy until i watched this interview with the creator of DilbertScott Adams, on his “Secret of success: failure”. He got me thinking, i don’t practice what i preach, and why is that? Is it because deep down maybe i don’t believe or maybe i’m just a little too conservative to take big risks or am i just overwhelmed by the endless possibilities. I’d be interested to hear others stories on whether you are following you passion and have made a successful career out of it.


The Cloisters {Manhattan}

I have this constant feeling that I am busy and that I never have enough time to fit everything I want into my week. I have a “to-do” list which seems to never end and includes things like getting my hair cut, my bikini waxed, my eyebrows waxed and a pedicure (and a mani for special occasions).  I act as a part-time travel agent for my husband and I booking short trips away together (or with friends). And during the week I want to make sure I catch up with friends and family (both here and back in Australia) and also get to the gym or do some form of exercise (even walking home from work will do).

 I just don’t understand how other people fit so much into their lives and pull it off looking effortless. I’m always waiting for life to slow down so I have time to do the things I want to do but I think this is it, it’s never really going to slow down as something else will always pop up. How do you cope with being constantly busy? Do you thrive on it or do you find it overwhelming?

These pictures are from the Cloisters (which is a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art). It is a beautiful and serene part of Manhattan. Walking around the building and the grounds make you feel like you are a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city and that ‘to-do’ list just doesn’t seem important anymore.

Check out that basil – I wish we could grow it to look like that!


I haven’t really missed home since we arrived, I miss family and friends but luckily Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc make it easy to keep in touch so I don’t feel very far away from anyone. But I do miss our fully renovated kitchen.

We went from this.

To this 😦


{Baseball at Yankee’s Stadium}

Very early on Saturday morning when I couldn’t sleep and the city was still, I decided to give Plain Fabulous a little refresh. What do you think, is the background too pink? Credit goes to our lovely wedding photographer, Kirra Cheers, for the new heading. On Saturday we also invested in our first digital SLR (a Canon T3i – which from all the research we did is supposed to be an excellent camera for beginners). We haven’t used it yet but I can’t wait to get out next weekend and give it a try! I hope everyone had wonderful weekend!

Day three {diary of a juice cleanse}

Day 3. I woke up really hungry on the final morning but I’m down to my final 6 juices…

{The final 6 juices in our fridge}

I’m on the home stretch and it feels like my stomach is kind of flatter but you’d expect that since I haven’t eaten for 48 hours.

The first juice of the day, the green juice – the one that makes me gag – is going down fine, it doesn’t have that overwhelming cucumber flavour anymore. We did some housework. Ok truthfully, Tim did some housework (he’s the clean freak in the relationship) and I drink juice #2. This one is my second fav behind the cashew juice #6 so it’s easy to drink. To get out of the apartment we went out for lunch. Whilst I down juice #3 – the carrot juice, Tim has a lovely looking bean salad and I have a cup of tea.

{The Rooibos Chai is delicious even without milk}

Juice #4 (the beetroot juice) and juice #5 (the green juice) go down well. There was no gagging involved or cries that “I can’t drink anymore liquid” and surprisingly the green juice is tasting better and better each time I drink it. Finally I drink juice #6 and it’s all over. I’m not really sure what I was expecting but there certainly were no fireworks. We go to bed early and I dream about what I can eat for breakfast in the morning.