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6 months!

ihyt-photo-George 6 monthsToday my little baby turned 6 months old! Wow! Everyone says that this age goes by so quickly and you know what, they are right. It only feels like yesterday that I was holding George as a little 8 pound 6oz baby in my arms for the very first time and thinking ‘how the h&ll are we going to look after this kid’?

IMG_2273As overwhelmed as i was at first i absolutely love motherhood. I love seeing my baby grow into a happy little infant. I love seeing him exploring his world (i.e. putting everything in his mouth) and hearing him laugh hysterically at some lame attempt to make him laugh.

But i won’t lie. Being a new parent is hard. There is no instruction manual that comes with a baby and over the first couple of months i was feeling pretty overwhelmed by everything. But we are learning, slowly, and thankfully we have more laughs than frowns these days.

IMG_2556 IMG_2452

We are starting to see snippetsĀ of his personality now. He is still pretty serious, but he does have a cheeky side and he is very, very determined. He started to do this crazy crawl thing a few weeks ago and now we are just waiting for his first teeth to make an appearance.

IMG_2577 ihyt-photo-George 6 months

But all the tears, spit up and poop have been worth it, it’s been such a joy having him in our lives and we are so happy to have started a little family of our own. Happy 6 months my beautiful boy.