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Bear Mountain {Oktoberfest and apple picking}

ihyt-photos-Bear Mountain Oct 2013

Last weekend we hired a car to get out of the city and see the fall foliage. Coincidentally, Oktoberfest and apple picking go hand in hand with this time of year so we thought we’d stop by  Oktoberfest at Bear Mountain for a sausage on our way to pick some apples. Good plan, huh?



Unfortunately we never got to pick apples as the farm literally was closing its gates as we drove up. The good news was the store was still open so we picked up some apple cider donuts and a pumpkin pie…we both come from a long line of sweet lovers here in the Huett household.

Every year it surprises me how beautiful the change of season is in this hemisphere. Really, the Australian autumn is lame in comparison. If you’re interested, here is a post from our first “fall” in the USA.


Toronto {way back when?}

Over here we have survived hurricanes, snow storms, moving apartments and a cancelled trip to Las Vegas. But before that all happened we managed to spend a weekend in Toronto.

{My first trip to Toronto, exciting times}

{It’s not often you see a fire fighter cleaning the windows on the fire station}

I love autumn

{10th Street West Village}

I’ve never been a fan of autumn. In Australia I find the autumn months kind of blah…being the season after summer it’s always going to be tough when the weather gets a bit cooler and you know you have had your last swim at the beach for a while. And although you can see the change in season in Sydney it’s just not that amazing.

Here, the change of season is amazing and I have fallen in love with autumn! The leaves on the trees change colour so dramatically – I have never seen such reds, yellows and oranges and as an added bonus the weather has been extraordinarily mild. I have been assured it will get really cold, really quickly and I just know I have no idea what I’m in for.

{Washington Square Park}

{On the sidewalk}

{A backyard in Sag Harbour}