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The past few months…

It’s been a while but here are some pics from the past couple of months.

Way back in November after the hurricane Sandy we moved apartments and had a little get together.

IMG_1467 IMG_1473

Then Christmas came along in December…which feels like a distant memory now.IMG_1488

{Note the little piece of Australiana decorating our tree}

It’s snowed a couple of times too…very exciting for us Australians IMG_1839 IMG_1847

Oh and did I mention that husband and I are having a baby?? pregnant


Toronto {way back when?}

Over here we have survived hurricanes, snow storms, moving apartments and a cancelled trip to Las Vegas. But before that all happened we managed to spend a weekend in Toronto.

{My first trip to Toronto, exciting times}

{It’s not often you see a fire fighter cleaning the windows on the fire station}

A weekend in Miami {South Beach}

Our trip to Miami was the highlight of the summer. The weather was amazing and we finally got that day on the beach we had been dreaming about.

{Cocktail hour on the roof of our hotel}

 {Architecturally Miami is pretty special, I feel in love with all the retro buildings that have been kept in great condition or renovated to keep the funky facades}

{Cuban cigars sold on the side of the street}{And it wouldn’t be a great weekend without the sunday drinks}

Brooklyn Flea

Back on a very hot and humid day in June, we headed over to Williamsburg to check out the summer venue of the Brooklyn flea (it’s held indoors during winter).

Rummaging around flea markets on the weekends has to be one of my favourite things to do in the city. The flea markets in New York are filled with some amazing finds particularly if you are on a budget and have the time and patience to look and pick over the crap. I’m proud to say our apartment is nearly all furnished with great second-hand finds from flea markets… except for the stuff we brought at Ikea of course.

{Shaved ice anyone?}

{Amazing views of Manhattan – it’s such an incredible city}

{Clearly signs mean nothing, especially when it means getting a seat in the shade on a hot day}

{“Anytime is a good time for pie”…and pineapple juice}

The Jersey Shore {Long Branch}

I don’t know about you but I have this image of the Jersey Shore, which unfortunately for the majority of folks from New Jersey, includes Snooki or JWoww, beefy blokes, tanning salons and fist pumps.

As shown in exhibit “a” (picture above) tanning is fairly popular in New Jersey but we were pleasantly surprised when we arrived (after a somewhat long train ride – 1 1/2 hours to be exact) at Long Branch last Sunday afternoon.

Long Branch quickly reached the exalted heights of being our #1 beach that we’ve been to in the USA (and clearly this is not saying much). This being said I don’t think we will be regularly spending 3 hours of our Saturday or Sunday on a train to get there and back. But I would go back, even if there are no waves!

This weekend we are off to the Hampton’s again! My fingers and toes are crossed that the sun will come out and that the weather is warm. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!