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Kim Kardashian and THAT baby weight

From this,

ihyt-photo-23 Oct 2013

to this,

iyth-photo-23 Oct 2013

in just 3 months!

I shouldn’t care but I do. I was all team Kim Kardashian during her pregnancy. All those nasty people calling her fat when she was just this normal pregnant 30-year-old. I mean, lets face it, Kim is no Gisele Bundchen, she has to work hard for her body (which is ahhmazing!!). But losing 43 pounds in 3 months! I’m disappointed Kim, disappointed that you aren’t normal like the rest of us because you have an army of people to help you – cooks, cleaners and personal trainers –  to lose the baby weight in super fast time without having to worry about getting dinner on the table for Kanye when he walks in the door.

Congratulations Kim Kardashian on the engagement btw. A 15 carat sparkler and one baby North West, you must be one happy lady.